Yuri Dogayev Local Ceramic Artist

Yuri Dogaev was born in Donetsk in the Ukraine. He began painting at an early age. Upon completion of his military service Yuri opened a studio in Donetsk where he engaged in artistic metal plating. In 1990 Yuri and his family made aliya to Israel. In the Holy Land he fiund an affinity for warmer materials and began to work with clay. In 1992 Yuri opened a ceramics studio. Here he creates a rare collection of figures from the Jewish world, made up of Eastern European Jews and Hassidim. In 2001 Yuri initiated a new artistic line that includes decorative ceramic articles for the home. These comprise candlesticks, wall paintings, Hanukka candlesticks, Hamsas, vases and more. Each work is hand made by the artist, including the burning, coating and painting processes. The production process lasts some two month, with each work undergroing 4-5 stages of drying and burning in a special oven at a temperature above 1100 C. At each stage the object is coated with a special glaze and painted with unusual materials, 24 carat gold and platinum. Each creation has something of Yuri within it, instilled with much love and positive energy.