Kiddush & Communion Cups

A Kiddush cup is a special goblet or cup made and decorated for using as the one to bless over during the Kiddush blessings. When the head of the family sings Kiddush on Shabbat evening and Shabbat morning lunch, he does so over a full glass of wine or grape juice, held in his right hand. When the Kiddush blessings are finished, he shares the Kiddush wine with the family. This is the first major blessing done before Shabbat meals. The idea is that the cup holding the Kiddush wine should be the most beautiful cup on the table. As such, it is traditional to have a cup specially designed for the purpose. A Kiddush cup is also used during the Kiddush blessings of holidays, and the Havdala ceremony at the end of Shabbat or holiday, which separates the holiness of Shabbat from the ordinary weekdays. Kiddush cups make wonderful gifts, and come in a large variety of wonderful designs. Typically sweet red wine is used for Kiddush, but also grape juice or a different kind of wine can be used.