The Discovery, Excavation And Conservation Of The Ancient Galilee Boat.


Moshe and Yuval Lufan, brothers and fishermen from Kibbutz Ginosar, discovered the boat buried in the mud on the west shore of the Sea Of Galilee in an area which is normally underwater, drought and a receding shoreline had left this area dry. The discovery of the boat rocked the archaeological and spiritual world. Never before had such a complete ancient vessel been found so complete.

Through scientific dating, the ancient boat was positively dated to the First Century C.E. Once the boat was positively dated to the time of Jesus, Subsequently, the Ancient Galilee Boat has come to be known as the Jesus Boat. Pilgrims from all around the world flock to see one of the most precious and Biblical archaeological treasures in the world that sailed on the Sea Of Galilee at the time of Jesus. The vessel is 9 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 1.25 meters high. It may have functioned as a ferry boat although its measurments also suit those of the kind of boat that ancient fisherman used.

 “Cast into the sea” Mathew 13:47 – 48

Today The Ancient Galilee Boat is on display at Kibbutz Ginosar just 500 meters from the location where it was discovered.  Here you can see for yourself this historic fishing boat that that could have been used by Jesus and his followers. 

At our centre you will also find a large gift shop, cafeteria, comfortable resting lobby for travelers and a boat dock where you can set sail on the Sea Of Galilee experencing a spirtual journey, retracing the steps of Jesus. offers souvenirs commemorating the Galilee Boat. Each online purchase supports local small buisnesses and helps maintain The Ancient Galilee Boat, The Museum and the port. 

To Be Continued....