Olive Wood From Bethlehem


What a better way to connect you and your loved ones to the miracle of Christmas than to decorate your home with Olive Wood ornaments from Bethlehem. These unique products are artistically hand crafted from olive wood, from a tree that has been growing in the Holy Land for hundreds of years. The wood has undergone a natural, five year drying process, which ensures its eternal stability. The great age of the tree lends the wood its naturally artistic forms.

Olive wood is native to the Holy Land. There are olive trees in Israel that are thousands of years old. The trees in the Garden of Gethsemane date back over 2000 years. Olive trees are grown throughout the region in particular in the hills around Jerusalem and in the Galilee.

In Israel it is illegal to destroy a Biblical tree, No trees are cut down to make any of our olive wood products. They are made from annual clippings.