Biblical Gifts From The Holy Land

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  • Hoshen 12 tribes of Israel

    Hoshen represents the 12 tribes of Israel. The Jewish High Priest's breastplate from the days of Jerusalem's Holy Temple.-Exodus 28:15-29. The Hoshen stones are the 12 stones found in the sacred breastplate, known as the Hoshen that is worn by the Israelite High Priests. The Hoshen functioned as a mediator between God and the twelve tribes of Israel. The stones symbolized the connection between the ambitions of man and nature's perfection. The Twelve Hoshen Stones are listed below: Carnelian/Ruby - Reuven -  Topaz - Shimon -  Emerald - Levi -  Garnet - Yehuda -  Sapphire - Yissachar - Diamond- Zevulun - Citrine - Dan -  Agate - Naphtali -  Amethyst - Gad -  Aquamarine - Asher -  Onyx - Yosef -  Jasper - Binyamin 








    Ancient Galilee Boat
  • Olive Wood From Bethlehem

    These unique products are artistically hand crafted from olive wood, from a tree that has been growing in the Holy Land for hundreds of years. The wood has undergone a natural, five year drying process, which ensures its eternal stability. The great age of the tree lends the wood its naturally artistic forms. 

    Olive wood is native to the Holy Land. There are olive trees in Israel that are thousands of years old. The trees in the Garden of Gethsemane date back over 2000 years. Olive trees are grown throughout the region in particular in the hills around Jerusalem and in the Galilee.  

    In Israel it is illegal to destroy a Biblical tree, No trees are cut down to make any of our olive wood products they are made from annual clippings.




    The Ancient Galilee Boat
  • Inspirational Jewelry

    Elegant and unique jewelry from the Holy-land, handmade pieces in silver and gold, Roman Glass set in silver and gold, Eilat Stone set in silver and gold, and Hebrew inscribed jewelry, Davidov Jewelry has been manufacturing jewelry in Israel since 1993, Producing the original scripture and Kabala jewelry.

    All their work is fabricated from 925 sterling silver combined with gold. The entire process is done in Israel while maintaining a high level of finish. The jewelry is unique and a perfect souvenir for you from Israel the Holy Land.

    Some of the blessing on our jewelry: "God Bless You And Protect You" "I Am My Beloved's, And My Beloved Is Mine" "Hear O Israel, The Lord Our God Is One" "The Angels Of God Will Protect All Your Ways"




    The Ancient Galilee Boat
  • The Torah Crown Meaning


    The Scrolls of the Law that contain the Five Books of Moses are a central part of the Jewish faith and the synagogue. These holy scrolls, handwritten on parchment according to centuries old traditions and laws are the center of Jewish worship, holy and revered.

    The Torah Crown is the oldest recorded Torah ornament, first mentioned by medieval Jewish theologian, rabbi and scholar Rabbi Hai Sherira in the 11th century CE.

    The original Torah crowns derived from the ancient custom of crowning the individual who was called up to read the final portion of the Torah during the Simchat Torah festival.




    Ancient Galilee Boat