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Ancient Boat From The Time Of Jesus

One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God. Luke 5:1 Ancient Boat from the Time of Jesus In 1986 AD, the water level of the Sea of Galilee had receded due to drought. Two fishermen from Kibbutz Ginosar spotted an iron nail in the sand, as they began digging they found one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries of our time – an original wooden Fishing boat from the time of Jesus The Ancient boat is now on permanent display in The Beit Yigal Allon Museum, located less than a kilometer from where the boat was originally found.You can see for yourself a genuine Fishing boat that could have been used by one of Jesus’ followers.

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    Ancient Galilee Boat
  • Recovery Of The Galilee Boat


    When the boat sank, some 2,000 years ago, it began filling up with silt until much of its lower hull was encapsulated in a packed-mud time bubble, which slowed down the setting in of decay. However, the damaged inner cells of the wood had decayed and been replaced with water. Even when the boat appeared to be well preserved, the timber was in fact soft and spongy.

    Excavation efforts concentrated on extricating the boat in one piece. The major problem confronting the excavators from the start was the need to protect the timber from drying, which would have led to shrinkage and deformation. 





    The Ancient Galilee Boat
  • The Discovery Of The Ancient Galilee Boat


    In mid January 1986 during a dramatic drop in The Sea Of Galilee's water due to severe droughts that had left the area dry, Moshe and Yuval Lufan two brothers and fishermen from Kibbutz Ginosar, were walking along the west shore when they discovered the outlines of a boat buried in the mud. 

    The vessel had been buried in and protected by the seabeds sediments, encasing it in an anaerobic state and protecting it from bacteria and decay.

    The Lufan brothers notified the Israel Antiquities Authority and an exciting marathon archaeological excavation commenced. The fragile ancient boat was carefully extracted from the mud. 


     The Discovery Of The Ancient Galilee Boat



    The Ancient Galilee Boat
  • The Story Of The Ancient Galilee Boat


    This is the story of the dicovery, excavation and conservation of the Ancient Galilee boat. Moshe and Yuval Lufan, brothers and fishermen from Kibbutz Ginosar, discovered the boat buried in the mud on the west shore of the Sea Of Galilee in an area which is normally underwater, drought and a receding shoreline had left this area dry. The discovery of the boat rocked the archaeological and spiritual world. Never before had such a complete ancient vessel been found so complete.

    Through scientific dating, the ancient boat was positively dated to the First Century C.E. Once the boat was positively dated to the time of Jesus.





    The Ancient Galilee Boat